What is FMC?

It’s an unfortunate fact of workplace injuries that medical care may be needed in the future, beyond the scope of employment.

FMC is shorthand for Future Medical Care. Unfortunately, many workplace illnesses and injuries result in a need for care beyond the potential term of employment. Yet the injured employee may need ongoing care in the future after employment ends. That’s where FMC comes in.

The State of California Injured Worker Guidebook is the ideal place to start learning about Future Medical Care. It is the employer’s responsibility to pay for medical care for work-related injury or illness. This is typically covered by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. Employees who follow procedures to file claims should never receive a medical bill for medical care ‘reasonably required to cure or relieve’ the effects of the injury.

It’s important for injured workers to follow the guidebook to get all the benefits to which they’re entitled. However, FMC is not carte blanche for workers. There are limits on chiropractic, physical therapy, and occupational therapy visits.

If you have questions or would like to work with an attorney to ensure you receive all the benefits to which you’re entitled, you can contact us here.