Services: Disability

Disability encompasses how your injury keeps you from your job, both temporarily and permanently. When creating a workers’ compensation case, we need to calculate the percentage of disability caused by your work injury in order for you to receive your maximum benefits.

Temporary Disability

There are two types of Temporary Disability (TD): Temporarily Totally Disabled (TTD) and Temporarily Partially Disabled (TPD).
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Permanent Disability

Permanent Disability (PD) happens when you are stable in recovery known as Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and will not improve with or without medical treatment within one year.
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Options for a Denied Case

If your case is denied by the insurance company, you are entitled to a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME), which is a state-run, neutral examination.
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Short-term Disability Options

You will not receive Temporary Disability (TD) payments from the insurance company if they are contesting their liability. If you pay into state disability, you will be eligible to apply for Short-Term Disability Insurance (Employment Development Department – EDD SDI) if a medical doctor has certified you for these benefits.
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